Mark Aron Szulyovszky


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If we were to meet in person, I’d be more like: what do you do?

But fine, I’ll tell you about myself.

Do you want to become an internd or want to form your own company? This was the question I faced right when I started. I did the latter.

I started a company that is making Drops with Daniel, my co-founder. Almost bootstrapped! It has been a fun and challenging ride! We’re at 20 million downloads and ticking…

I started out as a visual designer by the way, then transitioned into a product designer, then kind of realised that “fuck I need to learn how to code”.

I started with Objective C for some reason (the usual: iOS). Never start your coding career with Objective C. Never.

Although, for me, it was the most the most rewarding exerpience since I have started learning design - it basically opened up the world, and made it possibly to step out of the mindset I had.

Then I slowly became an engineer. I’ve got on this drug called building things. I love it. I realised that playing around with technology is what I need to do. In addition, I’ve learnt what it means to write code that is running on hundreds of thousands of devices daily.

What have I done before? I was playing poker. Yeah, seriously. I mean, profesionally. I did coaching, too. On the side, I’ve researched behavioral economics & cognitive psychology & wrote my thesis on the topic. I think these two are really connected. The research I’ve done at my uni helped me understand why people make bad decisions at the (virtual) poker table.

I’m not sure if anything here is relevant though. - it does feels like a quite random list of how I’m trying to push my boundaries.